Acquisition of Briquette Production for Export Licence

Required Submissions Exhibit BE1- Company Registration and locational address. Exhibit BE2- Principal Officers, Director and Partners, their qualifications. Exhibit BE3- Business Plan stating: (i) scope and nature of operation. (ii) technical and financial feasibility. (iii) environmental and social management plan. Exhibit BE4- An Environmental Permit/Certificate issued by the EPA. Exhibit BE5 - Site plan, and location of charcoal production site. Exhibit BE6-Location and source of wood for the charcoal indicating whether sawmill residue, offcuts, etc. Exhibit BE7-Agreement with respect to supply of wood waste or a certification letter from the Forestry Commission indicating the right of use of forest/woodlot planted for this purpose. Exhibit BE8-The proposed carbonisation technology and its efficiency and/ or yield by weight.
Exhibit BE9- Receipt of Licence Application Fee.

Procedure for the Acquisition of Briquette Export Licence

  • An applicant shall submit a signed application letter addressed to the Executive Secretary.
  • Applicants shall fill and submit one original application form signed by a Principal Officer (reference- Application Form).
  • Applicants shall attach receipt confirming the payment of prescribed licence application fee (reference-Schedule of Licence Fee).
  • Applicants shall provide two (2) hard copies and a soft copy(if available) of the above exhibits as separate attachment, clearly labelled and all pages sequentially numbered.
  • The applicant shall provide the receipt confirming the payment of the Initial Licence Application Fee after the Commission has communicated the outcome of its decision on an application to an applicant.

Licence Conditions The licence holder shall:

  • comply with the source of wood for the briquette as indicated in the application;
  • provide the Commission with receipts of payment made for the feedstock used for the production of briquette for every export;
  • submit to the Commission data on quantity of feedstock used for the production of briquette for every export;
  • notify the Commission at least 3 working days before the start of every briquette production;
  • use fabricated steel or improved kiln for production of briquette;
  • comply with Forestry Commission and Environmental Protection Agency directives;
  • comply with the Commission's export quota and schedule;
  • grant the Commission and relevant statutory bodies the right of access to inspect the facility;
  • develop and implement occupational health and safety plans and procedures for its operations and
  • furnish the Commission within 20 working days of request with details of the licence holder's financial, technical and any other relevant information.

Schedule of Licence Fees

Type of Permit Application Fee (GH) Initial Licence Fee (GH) Annual Operating Fee (GH)
Briquette Production for Export Licence
Briquette from wood source 5,000.00 Nil Nil
Briquette from other agricultural sources 4,000/quater Nil 5/tonne
Briquette Export Permit 4,000/quater Nil Nil

Duration of Licence

Type of Licence Term of Licence
Briquette Export Licence 1 year